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A Letter To Agencies, Digital Marketers, Experts, and Solo-Preneurs:
Why Are We Giving Away Our Agency's "Secret" Webinar Software...?

From: Joel Erway
The Webinar Agency
Niagara Falls, NY
May 01. 2018

Fellow Expert:

If you're reading this right now that means one of the following statements is probably true about you:

1. You are well aware that the most successful businesses, solo-preneurs, gurus, and SAAS companies are using sales webinars as a primary growth tool for their business.

2. Your advertising and marketing agency is looking for additional ways to add value to your clients and are looking at webinars as a complementary service for your agency.

3. You've tried to create your own webinars in the past - maybe with some success - but struggle to come up with fresh ideas, offers, and hooks

4. You wish you could afford to hire an experienced copywriter to write a high-converting webinar for you, but balk when you realize how much a good one actually costs

5. You KNOW how much the A-list copywriters CAN charge (see point 4) and want to be able to confidently ask for (and GET) those rates with a speciality like webinar copywriting!

No matter which of the 5 situations you are...

Your Invitation To (Finally) Make Webinars Work For You Is Right Here
A few years ago I had a high-end webinar coaching program that would help people launch a webinar in 8 weeks.

While some of our students literally became millionaires...

Honestly we didn't have a very good completion rate for the program.

Students loved how I was able to craft offers and content for their webinars...

But they had a hard time actually COMPLETING the webinar (and launching it)!

I knew something had to change.

At the same time, we were having clients come to us to build their webinar for them.

I was focused on training the copywriters on my team in a way that would streamline the process.

Yet it was still taking quite a long time (just like my clients).

There had to be a better way...

At the end of 2016 I decided to make a BIG investment.

In order to streamline the training process for my copywriters...

We developed custom-built software that educated them on all of the CRITICAL elements a high-converting webinar needed.

Slide by slide, there were instructional exercises for:

>>> What to say

>>> How to say the right thing

>>> Where to put critical elements

>>> Why certain elements need to be included

>>> How to structure an irresistible offer

>>> And more...

It took MONTHS and thousands of dollars to build.

But let me tell you... it was absolutely worth it.

It resulted in MILLIONS of dollars in sales while simultaneously training copywriters on the art of the perfect sales webinar.

I Didn't Want To Create Just Another Webinar "Template" Software
I've used tons of software out there that promises to be the "ultimate sales letter generator".

When in reality, all they do is ask you pre-populated questions and spit it out on a slide.

When we created Slide Sell, I wanted to create it that actually TAUGHT the true reasons why we put content in particular places.

It was built to train copywriters - which is the best way to explain how to create high converting sales presentations.

Every slide has examples of a previously used high-converting webinar so you can see exactly what we mean.

There's no "guessing".

It's essentially me coaching you through every slide as if I were walking you through it over your shoulder, step-by-step.

Create And Store Unlimited Presentations!
As an agency, we were creating tons of webinars!

So we wanted to create a centralized place to store all of our presentations in one easy to find place.

With Slide Sell, you'll create the first draft of your presentation and be able to export it in a single click.
One Of My Private Clients Used Slide Sell To Create A 7-Figure Webinar In 1 Sitting!
When I launched this software I let a few private clients test it out.

I hadn't even really promoted it much or gave them instructions for how to use it.

Then one day, Adam shot me this quick message which completely shocked me...

"We've done $100,000 per month consistently for the last 3 months... this has completely changed my life!"
So, Why Am I Giving Our Agency's Software Away For Free...?
In early 2018, The Webinar Agency was booming.

In fact we couldn't take any more clients.

As we were fulfilling these client's webinars, something interesting was happening...

Personally, I was reviewing AT LEAST 10-15 webinars each and every month.

Reviewing copy...

Creating irresistible offers...

Creating new angles...

Developing new hooks and leads...

This is an absolute necessity for any copywriter to stay on top of their game (that's worth their weight in gold at least).

It's why my customers pay us as much as $40,000 to write their webinars... because we're not just spitting out a webinar template for them.

So, over the past 3+ years of keeping up with this research...

I had compiled my own "notebook" and cheat sheet of ways to create and improve webinars in nearly EVERY market.

It’s been worth MILLIONS so far.

At some point in late 2017 it was very clear to me that the demand for learning the art of sales webinars was exploding.

We had more leads than we knew what to do with.

Which meant we were turning away MANY more clients than I wanted.

At this point I had a very important decision to make.

On one hand, I could commit to becoming a sort of "webinar factory" - which would mean growing a big team and lowering our rates to be able to serve more clients.

On the other hand I needed to find a way to be able to serve the rest of the people who simply couldn't afford the 5-figure price tags to hire us.

And it got me thinking...

"Not everyone needs to hire us to write their webinars..."

But they could definitely use the insight from our dozens of hours per MONTH of webinar and marketing research...

There’s too much knowledge that isn’t being shared.

It got me thinking...
"Would People Actually Want This Library Of Webinars...?"
Honestly, I had no idea if this would even be valuable.

So, I shot a quick message out to my audience on social media to see what they would think.

Who knows? 

Maybe I was going to be S.O.L...?

But then, something happened I NEVER expected...

Over 150+ wanted IN!

I guess that answered my question!

And so...
The Webinar Vault Was Born
Over the past 3+ years, I've been IMMERSED in sales webinars in just about every niche imaginable.

> Coaching, 
> Relationship space, 
> Financial investing, 
> Custom blanket design, 
> Residential solar, 

You name it and there's a good chance I've seen it sold with webinars.

I'm currently reviewing 10-15 webinars per MONTH at this rate.

There's a TON of value in me sharing my research on these projects with you.

For years, the only way to get access to my help was to join an expensive coaching program or pay us up to $40,000 to write one for you.

Until now...

The Webinar Vault is designed to be a collection of my future webinar research (and some past research).

Which means you get to benefit from learning how to apply other successful webinars to your own!

When I breakdown a webinar, I go DEEP.

In fact, I DO offer webinar breakdowns as a service for $5,000.

When a client pays, I block off a full 8-hour day to go through their webinar:

>>> I dissect their big ideas

>>> I review the content they are teaching to make sure it's relevant

>>> I improve their offers with the target market to make them irresistible

>>> I know what other successful webinars in their space are doing

>>> And I produce a detailed, actionable report for them to improve it.

Webinars that I've critiqued for private clients have proven to go on to generate up to 30X improvement.

It's a gift that I enjoy sharing.

And today I'm extending an invitation so I can share it with YOU.

What You're Going To Get As A Member Of The Webinar Vault:
On a regular basis (once a month or so), I will be uploading 1 new webinar critique.

You'll get to see the psychology of what they're doing... 

...the language they're using... they position their offers...

...and what makes their webinar so effective at converting new customers.

Plus, I create suggestions for what I'd do to improve them.

I do this so you essentially know exactly how to make your webinar as effective as possible... WITHOUT paying us 5-figures to create it for you!

You'll be getting new webinar breakdowns on a regular basis.

This could easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars for the right entrepreneur or marketer.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

Here's A Sneak Peek Of What's Already Inside...
Mike Dillard's $300,000+ Per Month Auto Webinar
  • How Mike Dillard REALLY makes $300,000 per month with his automated List-Grow webinar
  • The Unique follow up sequence I've never seen before (that makes total sense)
  • Why simpler is (almost) always better when it comes to webinar funnels
  • A unique angle to creating the ultimate offer
  • What to do with your "guarantees" that will absolutely explode your sales
A Webinar That We Boosted Sales By 10x (in just 1 hour)
  • How Andrew and Daryl makes $76 for every person that registered for their webinar
  • The weird tweak we made that 10'xed their sales
  • The 2 things we revealed that EVERY buyer wants to know before purchasing
How We Took A Webinar From 0% Conversion To Over 12% The Next Run!
  • How Bonnie went from a 0% converting webinar to IMMEDIATELY converting more than 12% her very next run!
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. tip that created a surge of new customers to take action on her webinar
  • The "Gap" that we created for Bonnie that every webinar NEEDS to create
When We Re-worked My Client's, Russell, Presentations Here's What He Had To Say:
"It's amazing! Everything I was looking for and more... thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels
This Information Took Brian Burt To 7-8 Figures...
"Thank you to Joel Erway, was a huge help in my recent launch... he gave me a ton of guidance, critiques, insight... I've done this prior and it was only HALF (if that) as successful as after I implemented the strategies that joel showed me and recommended I use. 

Recently I just launched another product on the backbone of the webinar that Joel helped me perfect and it's projected to do 7-figures (already halfway there)... we fully expect in 2018 to do 7 or 8 figures based just on the fact that Joel helped me tremendously on the webinar.

If you're looking for someone to help you with your webinar to take you to the next level, Joel is your guy!
We worked on Scott Oldford's webinar with Slide Sell for his high-ticket coaching program... and this is what he had to say >>>

Here's The Deal For You
I know without a shadow of a doubt that using our agency's software SlideSell to create your webinars will drastically improve your business.

Use it to help create webinars for yourself.

Use it to help create better webinars for your clients.

Heck, use it to help you sell services to LAND MORE CLIENTS!

The ability to create and write high-converting webinars QUICKLY will be well worth your time. 

I'm giving you my software as a gift to test drive our webinar newsletter and membership site.


Because it will be a way for us to get to know each other.

I've earned the ability to brag just a little bit.

My training is the best out there.

And I want you to see it so we have the opportunity to continue working together.
Is There A Guarantee?

Give Slide Sell AND The Webinar Vault a trial for 7-days for just $1.

When you love what you see inside and use all of the information inside to make more money for your business, you can continue to have access for just $97/month.

Cancel anytime. No shenangians.
How Long Is This Offer Valid?
Not sure, honestly.

As part of our initial beta testing I can tell you that this will be the cheapest we will ever offer.

That means the price will INEVITABLY GO UP. 

That means NOW is the time to get in before it does.
Here's What You Need To Do Now:
Enrolling is very simple.

Simply click the button below to activate your $1 trial.

You know this is a good decision for you.

I look forward to serving you the best of what I've got inside.

Enjoy our free Slide Sell software as a bonus!
P.S. - I get it. You've skipped to the bottom and didn't read.

Here's the summary.

I'm gifting you access to our agency's webinar build software Slide Sell for FREE when you join The Webinar Vault.

You'll get a 7-day Trail to all of it for just $1 when you join today.

If you don't think it's worth the value, we can cancel anytime before and refund your trial cost. 

It's my way of showing you that I've got the best marketing training on the market.

See you inside!
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