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Digital Entrepreneur,

Did you know that the fastest path to getting high paying clients and massive customers from cold traffic is through webinar marketing?

Did you know that there are business owners, just like you, who are converting cold-traffic into 5-figure paying clients within 48 hours?

Did you know that once you get a converting webinar built it can LITERALLY become your automated sales-generating machine making you thousands of dollars per day (or, better yet, PER HOUR)?
How I Went From An Ordinary Engineer To Russell Brunson’s #1 Referral For Webinar Presentations
Hey there, I’m Joel Erway, and I’m a former engineer.

Yes, that’s right. I was one of those nerdy-looking goofballs who was socially awkward at all of the parties and business functions. 

As an engineer, I was required to give technical sales presentations for products that cost as much as a half-million dollars and above. (Do you know how difficult it was for me to face my FEAR of “selling”?)

Let me tell you something: I know exactly how you feel. I know your fears, because I’ve felt the same way...

I’ve felt the overwhelming fear of failure looking out into the audience to see them yawn and become disinterested in your presentation. 

I understand how you feel when you say... 

“I don’t know where to get started?!” 
“I don’t have the time to run a webinar!”
“I’m not very good at presenting…!”

Not only was I not having success with my presentations, but I wasn’t having any fun with my presentations (and neither was my audience!)

That’s when I hit the breaking point…

I had come to realize that my audience tended to mirror my emotions during the presentation. If I was talking about boring content, they would get bored (and fall asleep!)

But when I loosened up a little bit, cracked a couple of jokes, and started engaging with my audience, they lightened up, too!

And when I discovered the psychology of creating webinar presentations that not only kept people engaged, but turned them into hot buyers….Everything changed.

Fast forward a few years and now I've been IMMERSED in sales webinars in just about every niche imaginable…

Coaching, relationships, financial investing, custom blanket design, residential solar, you name it…

And I’ve helped many MANY clients in these niches generate 7 figures from just one webinar! 

In fact, my ability to help my clients generate huge wealth with webinars got on Russell Brunson’s radar.

Now any time someone approaches HIM for a webinar critique - he sends them to straight to me. He even referred all of his Inner Circle clients to me.

(This, from a guy who wrote a best selling book on webinars!)

Gang, webinars shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, if you’re viewing it as a nuisance then you’re doing something wrong.

The beauty with webinars is it’s basically the most sure-fire way for your customers to buy from you WITHOUT selling at all! (If you know how to do it right).

I want to show you not only how to make a ton of cash by promoting your products with webinars, but I want to show you how to have fun in your business again.

How To Create A Successful Sales Webinar From Scratch That Generates At Bare Minimum $10,000 Per Month
(And how I can help you do it for just $197 $21)
If you’d like me to put you on the fast to creating automated, 5-6 figure webinar presentations for you (or your clients) in the next 30 days, here is what I have for you today…

It’s called the Webinar Success Super Summit and it’s a recording from a recent 4-hour virtual event I hosted where I discuss exactly how to build, market and promote a successful webinar from scratch so you can scale your business to heights you’ve never imagined.

This is an exclusive offer that is only available for the next 72 hours before it’s gone forever.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things you’ll learn inside:

  •  How To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience From Your Ads, Curate Their Interest With Their Landing Page, Gain Their Trust With The Pre-webinar Email Sequence, Earn Their Business With The Value On The Webinar, And Multiply Your Sales From The Post-Webinar Replays.
  •  How The Landscape Of Digital Marketing Is Changing And Why All You Need To Be Successful These Days Is A 2-3 Page Website With One Webinar
  •  How To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience From Your Ads, Curate Their Interest With Their Landing Page, Gain Their Trust With The Pre-webinar Email Sequence, Earn Their Business With The Value On The Webinar, And Multiply Your Sales From The Post-Webinar Replays.
  •  How The Landscape Of Digital Marketing Is Changing And Why All You Need To Be Successful These Days Is A 2-3 Page Website With One Webinar
  •  The Biggest Challenges Content Marketers Are Facing Right Now And How Webinars Can Solve Those Problems
  •  Proof That Having A ‘Salesy’ Personality Doesn’t Work And How To Find What Your Audience Really Wants To See From Your Presentation
  •  Why Webinars Are The Most Powerful Tools To Sell Your Product Or Service In 2018-19 And Beyond.
  •  Building Your Secret Sales Weapon And The Psychology Behind Successful Webinars
  •  The 3 Phases Your Webinar Must Have To Be Successful
  •  The Perfect Webinar Format That Guarantees Your Presentation Knocks It Out Of The Park Every Time (Learned From Studying Martin Luther King And Steve Jobs)
  •  How To Become A Master In The Art Of Storytelling
  •  Discover Exactly What Russell Brunson Would Do If He Lost Everything And Had To Make A Million Dollars From Scratch
  • How To Master Your ‘close’ And ‘pitch’ So Your Prospects Are Begging You To Take Their Money
  •  Secret Ways The Experts To Get People To Show Up To Their Webinars (That You Can Ethically Steal)
  •  In-Depth Review Of The ‘Webinar Success Formula’ Guaranteed To Generate You FAST Results
  •  Practical Tips To Get Started Immediately So You Can Hit The Ground Running
  •  See The Real “Dirty Work” - Watch Me To A Live Teardown Of One Of The Attendees Webinars To Show You Where Most People Make The Mistakes. I Want To Show You The Actual Thought Process For How I Think When Building A Webinar From Scratch, So You Can Think The Same Thing When You Build Yours!

    Others Have Paid More Than $10,000 For The Information Contained In This $21 Summit
    I have personally reviewed hundreds of webinars and have written dozens and dozens of 5-7 figure webinars for my clients.

    This is why clients will pay me as much as $40,000 to write their webinar, and will pay me $5,000 for about an hour to review their webinar and provide my feedback.

    What you are getting inside of the Webinar Success Super Summit is some of the best, most-condensed, actionable and practical strategies that I’ve seen people take and implement to set and crush sales milestones in record time.

    The information you are getting access to in this Summit is the exact same information that has helped my clients achieve incredible results like:

    •  Andrew & Daryl who now make $76 for every person that registers for their webinar
    •  Bonnie who went from a 0% converting webinar to IMMEDIATELY converting more than 12% her very next run
    •  Adam Wenig who did $100,000 in sales his first 3 months...creating a webinar from SCRATCH
    •  Selena Soo who had a massive, 7-figure launch using a single webinar
    •  Scott Houston who has profitably used the same webinar for over a year now
    •  And a WHOLE lot more stories that would take up too much room on this page!
    Many of these clients have paid me a lot of money for my private consulting and some of my higher priced training programs and teaching products.

    But if you act today, I can give you all the basics for getting started towards their journey through the Webinar Success Super Summit for just $197 $21 (but only if you act NOW - seriously, this offer will expire in 72 hours)
    Here’s EXACTLY What We’ll Cover In This Mini-Course
    As I’ve previously mentioned, this isn’t some outdated 30-minute PowerPoint presentation that bores you to death and leaves you with more frustrations than helpful and valuable tips and action steps.

    This is a very detailed and comprehensive 4-hour mini-course that is jam packed with valuable content that is guaranteed to blow your mind and shortcut your path to success (avoiding all those long, unnecessary detours)

    Here’s exactly how the Mini-Course is structured:
    Hour 1: Pre-Webinar Setup, Your Offer, And Market Research - This is far and away the MOST important aspect of any webinar. You can have the best sales pitch with the largest audience, but if you’re not giving them what it is that they want then you’re going to lose your shirt. How are you going to attract your prospects to your presentation? How do you convince them to spend their precious time with you? How do you make sure that they actually show up? We discuss exactly how to insure the highest attendance rate, and get your attendees already wanting more from you before they attend!

    Hour 2: Preparing The Content And Delivery - The framework and structure of your webinar is critical for success. If you want to earn your clients trust and get them to purchase from you WITHOUT any hard selling, you need to follow this framework. Remember, if you’re not having fun with this part then something’s wrong!

    Hour 3: How To Create A High Converting A $10 Million Webinar Funnel From Start To Finish With The $10M+ Webinar Guy, Russell Brunson - How to quickly build a successful sales funnel, liquidate your costs, and integrate with your existing systems without being techy! You’ll hear directly from Russell himself as he walks you through his proven frameworks and secret persuasion tactics that have helped him generate millions of sales through webinar presentations. *** This information was revealed EXCLUSIVELY to me - never before revealed publicly ***

    Hour 4+5: The Breakdown And Sendoff - Learn the common mistakes that people make when building a webinar. Learn the psychology behind how super-successful webinar promoters create and craft their content to virtually guarantee sales on every webinar!
    Get All This For Just $197 $21
    But Only For The Next 72 Hours...
    Listen, I want you to succeed at this. I want you to create webinars so successful that it changes your life forever. Is it just because I’m a nice guy? Well, that’s part of it. But if I’m being honest, there is a little catch to this special offer…

    I want you to succeed, yes - but I really want you to be so impressed with the knock-your-socks-off value you’ll receive in this training that you really see me as a real asset to your business and long-term digital marketing success.

    And if down the road the opportunity may present itself, maybe we could work together one on one or you may opt to receive some of my higher level trainings.

    If you decide to do this, great! I’m always ready to go!

    And if not, that is great too. I’m serious when I say the value provided in this Summit is literally ALL you need to create a 5-6 figure webinar from scratch and start seeing life changing results in the next 30 days.

    All you have to do is click the big button below and you’ll receive INSTANT access to the Summit to go through on your own time.
    Absolutely No Risk - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    I want you to be able to make this little $197 $21 purchase with absolutely ZERO risk. 

    So, if you buy The Webinar Success Super Summit and for whatever reason you aren’t pleased with it within the next 30 days all you have to do is email support@thewebinaragency.com and we’ll refund every penny zero with questions asked. 

    Sound fair to you? 

    If so, then let’s do this! Click below to get immediate access to the Summit and start learning today!
    Here's What Other World-Class Marketers Have To Say About Joel's Webinar Experience:

    Russell Brunson

    "I watched his webinars blow up... he did such a good job he actually came in and started training my Inner Circle members... Joel does it as good if not better than me, he's amazing... understands the art and the science of it... I give him my full recommendation. I send all my friends and clients to him, and you should, too!"

    Brian Burt

    "I've done this webinar prior to Joel's input, and it was only half as successful as after I implemented the strategies that Joel showed my. Recently we just launched another product on the backbone which is projected to do at least 7-figures based just on the fact that Joel helped me tremendously. I've been listening to his podcast, I'm happy to call Joel a friend. If you're looking for someone to take your webinar to the next level, Joel's your guy!"

    Selena Soo

    "I reached out to Joel because I heard he was the #1 person when it comes to converting high converting webinars. My webinar is a key part of the launch, and I felt stuck. I knew it had to be improved, I just didn't know what. I hired Joel to make recommendations and look at my webinar. 

    There are certain things that I was totally missing that were preventing me from making sales and I had no idea. He also helped make more powerful points and a more educational experience. 

    With Joel's help, I had a massive 7-figure launch. It was my biggest launch ever. Thank you so much, Joel!"
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